We love our fans – participants, spectators, sponsors and volunteers – and work hard to create a safe, enjoyable event for everyone in attendance. We reserve the right to ask individuals to leave who are behaving in a way that is not in keeping with that goal. 

Though we don’t have a long list of rules and regulations, we do expect everyone to use common courtesy on and off the course and follow some simple guidelines:


Dress Appropriately
We pride ourselves on being a family-friendly event and ask that you please don’t wear clothes with profane, vulgar or offensive language or graphics or anything that is unnecessarily revealing. If you wouldn’t wear it in front of your grandmother, you should probably think twice before wearing it to our event.


Imbibe Elsewhere

Goliathon is a dry event, as dictated by our insurance policy. If you intend to drink to celebrate your accomplishments…or to forget about your pain, please wait until you leave the fairgrounds.


Be Respectful

Cheer each other on. Lend a hand (unless it’s during an attempt on G2 or G3). Don’t smoke, use foul language or engage in unruly behavior. 


When in doubt, our mission control teams in the orange shirts can be found at registration, starting corral, finish line and throughout the course. These staff members have the final say on anything in question and know how to reach the mission command team in charge. So be smart and have fun.