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While many obstacle runs support non-profit organizations, Goliathon’s sole purpose is to raise money for those in need. (And to have some fun while doing it.) We want to invite everyone to join us in this venture, regardless of age or ability.


With that in mind, we’ve developed a course to attract a wide range of participants – from the most skilled athlete to the fitness novice. Once underway, you will encounter two types of obstacles – regular obstacles and Goliathon obstacles. The regular obstacles are the same for all participants and are designed to be both fun and challenging for you and your team. The Goliathon obstacles consist of multiple tracks so that you can choose the path that's right for you. These obstacles are intended to be a max test for your strength, agility, speed and athleticism, and will be tiered as either:











G1 – easy obstacles for the young or inexperienced participant

G2 – difficult obstacles to challenge the average mudder and obstacle enthusiast

G3 – extreme obstacles to test the most elite athletes


Any participant who successfully completes all G3 obstacles, will earn free entry into a future event and will have their photo posted to our website on our Wall of Davids.



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