In order to count toward your final score, obstacles must be completed within four hours from the time you leave the starting corral. If you hit the 4-hour mark before you’ve reached the finish line, you should continue on to complete the remaining obstacles and receive your bands, but you will not accrue any more points.



Instructions are posted on signs as you approach each obstacle, and Goliathon staff members are available to explain each obstacle and answer any questions. If you are unsure of the rules for a particular obstacle, ask Goliathon staff for clarification before attempting the obstacle.



Upon approaching an obstacle, choose the tier (G1, G2, or G3) you want to attempt for that particular obstacle. This choice can vary from obstacle to obstacle; you do not need to choose the same tier for the entire course. However, once you choose and start your attempt on a given tier for a particular obstacle, you cannot change your mind and try a different tier. 



You are allowed only ONE attempt to complete each tiered obstacle.


Your attempt begins when you first start the obstacle (by touching, stepping, jumping, climbing, lifting, etc.). You are allowed to skip an obstacle with no penalty, but you still must get your wristband scanned at that obstacle. 



There is a 30-second rest limit while on an obstacle. If you pause on an obstacle for more than 30 seconds you will be asked to exit the obstacle and it will be recorded as a failed attempt. 


If you fall off of an obstacle, your attempt is officially over and you must exit the obstacle. 



You cannot receive assistance on the G2 or G3 tiers of any obstacle. These tiers must be completed without any assistance in order to receive points and bands; however, you are always permitted to ask for instructions. You can receive assistance on the G1 tier of any obstacle and still receive points and bands for successful completion. 



For painted obstacles (Circus Maximus 2.0, PPK Ninja Killer, Hangman, Balancing Act, Destroyer, Slippery Wall Monkey 2.0, Over the Moon), anything painted yellow is off limits; if you touch something painted yellow, it is a failed attempt and you will not receive a band. 



You are responsible for checking in with the Goliathon scorekeeper stationed at the end of every obstacle – whether you fail, succeed or skip – to accurately record your score and to receive a band for a successful completion. 



Goliathon staff members make the final determination of a successful completion or unsuccessful attempt at each tiered obstacle. Anyone who exhibits unsafe, inappropriate, or unsportsmanlike behavior may be ejected from the event and prohibited from finishing the course. It is your responsibility to understand the rules and requirements for successful completion prior to attempting an obstacle.