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We welcome spectators who want to come out and watch their family members and friends compete on the course. But there is a check-in process and rules that spectators must follow to ensure the event is safe and fun for everyone.


When spectators arrive at the event, they should go directly to the marked Spectator Registration area. There they will be expected to:


  • Pay a $15 spectator fee (kids under two are free)

  • Sign a waiver and confirm the name of the participant they’re supporting

  • Receive a wristband which must be visible while they’re on event grounds



Spectators are not allowed on the marked participant course or on obstacles. They are also prohibited from other areas of the course, including the Skyclimb, Child's Play, and Circus Maximus obstacles. These obstacles are off limits to spectators because, unlike the rest of the course, they are located on private property with different permissions granted to Goliathon. As a result, this rule will be strictly enforced. These areas are well marked as off limits and any spectator found in one of these areas may have spectator privileges revoked and risks having penalties applied to the score of the person they are supporting.


Spectators can walk anywhere outside of the taped course that is not designated as off limits. They can also use the Goliathon app (available for iPhone and Android) to monitor their favorite participant’s progress on the course and view the map to find the fastest way to get to their next obstacle. Keep in mind that the course includes rough terrain and areas that are not easily navigable with strollers.


As a reminder, any spectator who wishes to follow the participants on the marked course can register as a participant. 

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